Photo Studio 11.5 Update

AI Photo Editing with inPixio Automatic Technology

inPixio has launched a new update to Photo Studio Pro (Windows). The 11.5 version features exciting new AI photo editing tools for sky replacement and background removal.

Thanks to inPixio Automatic Technology it is now possible to remove a background or sky with a single click for an even simpler photo editing experience.


New Auto Remove Background and Cut-Out

100% automatic background removal makes it faster than ever to create an amazing picture or photomontage.

You no longer need to select the foreground and background of your picture. That’s because inPixio’s AI automatically detects the parts of the photo to remove.

After the AI has done its work, you can move straight to replacing or blurring the background. If you’re using the Photomontage tab, you can add the automatic cut-out straight to your picture.

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