Pixpa is for Photographers and Creators

Pixpa enables photographers and creators around the world to showcase, share and sell their work online with style and simplicity.

How we started?

Pixpa was founded in 2012 by Gurpreet Singh. Before that, Gurpreet studied architecture, and while still in college, he formed a multi-disciplinary creative agency – IdeazInc that he led for 12 years.

In his role as the Creative Director of IdeazInc, Gurpreet worked on branding and communication design projects for global clients. His work involved collaborating with designers, photographers and artists around the world. The insights and experience he gained during this time led to the creation of Pixpa. With an understanding of both sides of the business, Gurpreet envisioned Pixpa as an all-in-one platform for creatives to showcase, sell and share their work online without depending on anyone else.

Create your professional portfolio website, store & blog easily with Pixpa’s all-in-one platform.

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