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Hello!  I’m quite a humble person, really, but I know that people that come to this page want to know more about me. This page started out small, but people ask more and more questions, so the page grows and grows! Remember, in saying All This Stuff about myself, I am actually egoless, which I think is the greatest creative gift any artist can give to one’s self. It wasn’t the easiest path, 


Trey Ratcliff is an artist on a somewhat quixotic mission to help spread consciousness and mindfulness to the world through photography and creativity. Running the #1 travel photography blog in the world,, has taken him to all seven continents over the past decade, and Google has tracked more than 140 billion views of his photos, all while building a social media presence with over 5 million followers.

Chris Anderson from TED called him a “pioneer” of the genre of High Dynamic Range photography. Ratcliff had the first HDR photograph to hang in the Smithsonian Museum and, sales of his large-format limited edition prints to fine art collectors worldwide have grown into a multimillion-dollar business. In 2012, he moved to Queenstown, New Zealand, before it became a trendy doomsday contingency plan.

Trey has collectors of his fine art from all around the world. These include everyone from knights to professional football players to celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio.


  • I was born blind in one eye and still only see out of my left. I call it “The Gift.”
  • I grew up in Texas and moved to New Zealand about six years ago with my wife and three kids. Now we have four sheep, one dog, 250,000 bees, and between one and six chickens depending on the number of birds of prey that are hungry.
  • My degree was Computer Science and Math and I did that until my mid 30’s until I discovered photography and it changed my life.
  • I started the blog immediately after getting a digital camera and started sharing one photo per day along with stories and free tutorials to help everyone enjoy this strange world of HDR Photography that I was discovering for myself. I was obsessed. I’ve written one blog post per day and shared a new photo for over the past 10 years and I still love it. Now it’s the #1 most popular personal travel photography blog with millions of views! Thanks, everyone! 
  • I sell large format, limited edition prints to happy collectors around the world, and in 2017 we passed the $1 million mark in total sales. The fine art side of the business has been much more fun and exhilarating than I ever anticipated. 
  • I continually update my photo portfolio that represents over a decade of travels and discoveries.
  • I’ve somehow amassed over 5 million social media followers when you add up all the platforms (Facebook + Instagram + Pinterest + Twitter + Flickr). I love all these Internet friends! Thanks y’all!

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